About Laura

Laura Dinnebeil (“Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn”) has written for NY Press, Timeout NY and several poetry journals. Famed as an underground comic, she produced and starred in the hippest shows in the ’90’s, featuring comics like Louis C.K, Dave Chappelle, Marc Maron, Colin Quinn and others. Laura earned a B.A. from Sarah Lawrence College and certificates from Harvard University, the University of Florence and New York University. She’s currently writing a one-woman show and the blog, “Pass Time like a Rebel: Tales of Prostitutes, a Hitman and Fred.” Videos and other work can be seen at http://www.laurad.me.

“A sweet vitriol reminiscent of Dennis Leary.”-Village Voice  “Oh, we follow.”-NY Observer

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  1. Hey Laura, I’m so happy to have discovered you and your brain! I have pitchas from New Year’s day, but I can’t figure out how to send them to you. What’s your email, f’gosh sakes?? This is a friendly offer. Also, puleeze let me know of your upcoming appearances, especially those lasting more than 3 minutes!
    Joel Simpson

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